Virtual Office

A virtual office is completely different than that of a physical office. It is a common phenomenon that at the beginning stage of any business or even right after any business is newly registered investors and business owners always want to invest low as much as possible. Well although it is a must do for any newly registered business that is to have an own office address before incorporate or register new company in any random country. In such case, for any newly registered business by an investor, to rent a virtual office is a much smarter choice than to rent a physical office. Although S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED will be happy to let their clients know that they have taken a physical office in Sri Lanka. The decision was taken by our company director Mr. Forhad Hossain, due to the immense level of business opportunities we can seek in at Sri Lanka. S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED have their head office at Malaysia with a branch office at Bangladesh, Sri Lanka was a new challenge to take in for our team members. Yes, our company directors along with all our other stuff members are all happy and proud to let everyone know that we have been accomplished to set off our new physical office at Sri Lanka. Although, renting a physical office have many drawbacks to come along with as for example — search a new office location, make rental agreement with the owner, make in security deposit, office decoration and so on which eventually means a higher monthly fixed cost and related expenses.

Our office address in Sri Lanka :

Address: 37 Francis Road, 6th floor
Colombo 6, Beach Road,
Sri Lanka

Phone:  +94768763333
Secondary phone: +601136901890 (WhatsApp, IMO available)