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Small business in Sri Lanka, business ideas in Sri Lanka

Details on the list of profitable small business ideas in Sri Lanka is given below:

Information technology

Information technology is something that shall always be needed by everyone. The more the days are passing the more people will need technology. As more people find more ways to make life better with information technology and its applications the more demand for this as a means for small business in Sri Lanka increases.; There are many professionals who can provide information technology related service in the drink which includes database management, data, and information security and etc. So if you have good skills in this area and a solid knowledge about IT then you can start your information technology business in Sri Lanka.

Tourism business

Tourism is one of the main small business in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country. Every year many hundreds of tourists from all over the world visit Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has many attractive tourists spots too. Mainly these places include the islands and famous beaches located close to Singapore. Most of the heritages are located inside the country while the resorts are located outside. If you know how to convince tourist and give them the best traveling experience than this for you.

Food business

Singapore has more demand for foods than its local farms can meet ad this where neighboring country benefitted from.  This has made food import necessary neighboring countries. Sri Lanka is quite popular for its production of large varieties of foods. Importers have a huge scope in terms of a small business in Sri Lanka in the score. They can produce foods and not only sell in Sri Lanka but neighboring countries too. Also, this business requires a small amount of capital.

Pharmaceuticals business

Sri Lanka has seen a rise in health awareness and medications in its citizens.  The medical industry has grown a lot n the recent years in Sri Lanka. funding to start your own hospital or medical store. If you are short of money you can start acting as a retailer. You can buy medicines from wh0lesellers and sell them for a bit of profit. Or what you can do is start a small consultancy chamber if you have the proper degree.

Textiles and fabrics industry

Textiles and fabrics are an imporatn6t product that is imported into Sri Lanka as it has very high demand. If you have the capital and idea of how that industry works you can start this as a small business in Sri Lanka. You can also import fabrics from countries India and Turkey and later sell them in your own country.

Agriculture business

Sri Lanka has its agriculture contributing to its economy by and large. Agriculture contributes to the country’s 12 percent of the economy. Sri Lanka produces many things. This includes rubber, tea, coconuts, tobacco and etc. These are exported too. If you have the interest in agriculture and if you are trained or if you are backed with skilled people you can start your own agriculture business in Sri Lanka and make your own money in the form of a small business.

Real estate business

This is one kind of business that nearly exists in all countries. This business is needed everywhere where buildings are made. In any country like Sri Lanka, this can be a good way to start a small business. I this country you can get land on lease and utilize that. Also if you have proper funding you can start and build your own empire.

Petroleum business

Setting up a refinery is quite expensive in Sri Lanka and especially in terms of a small business idea in Sri Lanka. But if you have funds and the idea about this business you will go on very well. This is an ideal business for corporate investors. If you don’t have enough funds you can still take part in this business by not extracting but selling petroleum products to the people instead.

Cement business

Cement is something that is needed by almost all the countries in the world. Wherever construction is done cement is the need. Also, cement can be exported to other countries. Singapore is growing rapidly and they need to build new buildings and infrastructure almost every day. This is where Sri Lanka can take an advantage and produce its own cement. you can start your own cement factory and not only sell it to Sri Lanka people but as well people of order countries.

Construction business

Construction is also another popular business in almost all the countries of the world. Sri Lanka is a growing country with a growing population. This means new buildings need to be the same for both commercial and residential purpose.  If you have skilled yourself, backed up with capital and have your own supply of workers and engineers you can start your own construction business as a small business in Sri Lanka.

Delivery Business

Delivery business is one important business almost everywhere. Many things need to be delivered and this sector is pretty large. You might deliver food, raw materials, parcels and etc. Depending on your level and sector of expertise you can choose your product that you want to deliver. You can start your own delivery business here and all you need is a bit of logistical support. This can be a good startup business too.

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