Registrar of Companies Sri Lanka

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Registrar of Companies Sri Lanka

Registrar of Companies Sri Lanka

The main purpose or the sole mission of the Registrar of Companies Sri Lanka is simply to establish and incorporate various business companies in Sri Lanka under appropriate Acts of Law conducted by the Government in terms of economic and trade policy. The Registrar of Companies Sri Lanka do come up with vivid and potent alertness to initiate effective functioning of all its policies and regulations and even take steps in other essential commercial activities.
The Department of the Registrar of Companies Sri Lanka was mainly introduced in the year of 1938. It was the same year in which all sort of regulatory affairs regarding business incorporation under governed economic and trade policy was assigned to this sole statutory body of act. The Registrar of Companies Sri Lanka was introduced to initiate the operations regulated under section 51 of the Companies Act, alongside came in the actual act of the Registrar of Companies Sri Lanka in that same year.
It is considered to be the sole statutory body all in Sri Lanka where all sort of business company or other related organizations are incorporated and formulated under authentic assigned figure heads. These Registrar of Companies Sri Lanka is the main government office where all business owners and investors who are seeking to startup their own business in Sri Lanka can get standard and valid information they require regarding business regulatory steps — Strat from how it should be initiated, formulated and out resulted.
It is the known governed corporate house where one can find out all sort of authentic forms, paper works and other important documents that need to be filled and submitted for establishing and incorporating of a business firm.
It is said that this Registrar of Companies Sri Lanka provides, receives, initiates and formulates all sort of important Forms, Article of Association, Paper Works and Certificates that are required for various type of business company registration in Sri Lanka. Some of the most common types of FORMS and CERTIFICATES AND PAPER WORKS are mentioned below:

  • Form 1 (Registration of a Company)
  • Form 18 (Consent and Certificate of Director)
  • Form 19 (Consent and Certificate of Secretary)
  • Articles of Association (AoA).
  • Name Approval Certificate – the name approval process for a business company is all initiated by the Registrar of Companies Sri Lanka itself.
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Other Licenses and Permits

What are the main Objectives and Functions of the Registrar of Companies Sri Lanka:

Adequate and effective implementation, administration, formulation and execution of several senatorial acts conducted and assigned mainly for the establishment and incorporation of a business entity is counted as the main objective of the Registrar of Companies Sri Lanka; to be more specific and precise

  • Act Number 7 of the year 2007
  • The Societies Ordinance Number 16 of the year 1891
  • The Cheetus Ordinance Number 61 of the year 1935
  • Public Contracts Act Number 3 of the year 1987

The Companies Act Number 7 of 2007 is mainly composed of these laws and regulations:

  1. Incorporation of Private Limited Liability Companies
  2. Incorporation of Public Limited Liability Companies
  3. Registration of Foreign Companies
  4. Registration of Off-Shore Companies
  5. Incorporation of Unlimited Companies
  6. Incorporation of Public Quoted Companies
  7. Incorporation of Guarantee Companies
  8. Incorporation of Associations
  9. Registration of Auditors and Company Secretaries.

The Societies Ordinance Number 16 of 1891:

The Societies Ordinance is the next in terms of the number of business associates or societies are registered. This ordinance stimulated provides permits for the registration of certain mutual provident societies, established in case of thrift, give relief to business members in case of sickness, distress, or financial difficulties and even act to provide widows, orphans and other related societies to extend the powers of the ordinance conducted by the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

The Cheetus Ordinance Number 61 of 1935:

The Cheetus Ordinance Number 61 of the year 1935 stands in for the registration and regulation initiated for cheetus.

Public Contract Act Number 3 of 1987:

The Public Contract Act stands in for the incorporation and registration of any individual who act as an agent, subagent, corporate representatives or nominees for or behalf of any tenders initiated for any public contract which worth more than Rs 5 million and more.

When these functions related to the public contract act is initiated, services related to issues of certified copies, searching of company documentations, check incorporation documents, enact prosecutions against default companies, attending business community and public community inquiries are carried out continuously at a regular interval.
Nowadays one can easily locate the usefulness and upbringings of all these malfunctions and formulas initiated by the Registrar of Companies Sri Lanka through online by the means of a government based web portal “eROC”. Anyone can take full advantage of these online web portal for company incorporation in Sri Lanka if they have a computer and a good internet connectivity from any corner of the world. They would hardly need to visit the registrar office in person on their own.