Company Registration

We bring along complete solutions for you regarding company registration in Sri Lanka. Our business advisory team experts are there to help you with all your concerns and queries that you come along with business registration and company incorporation. We provide our clients with all valid and vivid information regarding Company Registration Procedures, Licensing, Permits Approval, Income Tax Filling, Auditing, Accounting, Foreign Direct Investment in Sri Lanka (FDI in Sri Lanka) and many more related aspects. Our business advisory team experts can also help you with limitations and other restriction applied over various business policies by the Sri Lankan Government.
Our company, S & F Consulting Firm Limited, is a renowned business advisory and consultancy agency who have experienced helping several foreign clients to help them establish their own business firm in various locations around the globe. We have experienced various type of business registration for our foreign clients such as IT Firms, Corporate Office, Manufacturing Companies, Industries, Retailing Business, Import/Export Business and many more.

Let me provide you all with a small layout for Company Registration Procedure in Sri Lanka:

  • Company Registration Act: Company Act No. 7 2007.
  • Company Name Approval Time: 1-2 days — If no conflict occur.
  • Required Authentic Forms that need to be filled by our clients (Business Owner): Form 1 — Company Registration Information, Form 18 — Certificate of the Company Directors and Form 19 — Certificate of Company Secretary.
  • Memorandum & Article of Association: As per Company Act, 2007
  • Company Advertisement: After company registration policies are covered and once receive the Certificate of Incorporation from Company Registrar of Sri Lanka one is asked to publish about their company in local news papers in all languages. This is mainly done for advertising your company name and ensuring your entry among the locals.
  • Government Fees: RS 15,000 (approximately)
  • Consultancy Fees by our Experts: US $ 2000, 3000 and 7000 as business category and company registration policy. (PLEASE FEEL FREE TO KNOCK US ANYTIME TO KNOW ABOUT ANY CHANGES IN PRICE TO MAKE OR KNOW)
  • Time line (company registration): 30 days
  • Company Registration Office: Registrar Office in Sri Lanka and BOI

Our clients are welcomed 24/7 to knock us to know more about company registration policies and concerns. Please feel free to get in touch with one of the best business solution provider company, S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED.