Since the year of 2012, S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED, has been deliberately delivering company audit service to the foreign clients and other business investors by experienced auditors. Our auditing team members are highly experienced and qualified to support your needs and come up with a profound solution for all your queries and concerns. S & F Consulting Firm Limited hires best auditors within the country they have their virtual office in, ensuring all experienced and well-educated background.
We recommend all our clients to have clear idea about a certain point that is all these Auditing Firms, auditors and accountants in Sri Lanka are highly prioritized as they evaluate and initiates certain steps to regulate fairness and solidity of various financial statements provided by any business organizations.

Our all experienced Auditing team members collects and check in all sort of supporting papers and prepare a valid documentation, which includes Company Directors’ Report, Statement by the Company Directors, Company Statutory Declaration, Independent Auditors` Report, Financial Statement, Comprehensive Income Statement, Changes in Company Equity Statement, Statement of Cash Flows etc. Our highly experienced auditing team members can even help our clients to work out specific Income Tax computation, Capital Allowances computation, Various types of Business loses, Detailed Income Statement for The Year Ended (periodically) and many other related aspects in definite ground.

Please feel free to contact us on the address provided in our web portal any time if you have any other question or concerns regarding auditing issues. We along with our expert team members are always there 24/7 to help you out with all we can.