5 Advantages for Indian Investors Doing Business in Sri Lanka

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5 Advantages for Indian Investors Doing Business in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is at the don of globalization as far as trade and commerce sectors are concerned. Every year lots of local and global investors participate in the establishment of various small to mega commercial projects. One might have noticed that, after the end of the civil crisis, Sri Lanka is seeing light of opportunities in the field of commerce and economics. The country is not looking back and forcing forward to be in the competition with global competitors in businesses. This social and economic development lured potential investors of various other countries for doing business in Sri Lanka.

While expats other countries are showing interest in doing business here, India is of no exception too. Many Indian business investors are thinking of overseas business development. Now they are seeing Sri Lanka as a potential market to run companies. Sri Lanka, on the other hand, is providing free trade permission. Eventually, the government of Sri Lanka came to the conclusion that only better foreign investments and strong export-import facilities can be the fastest way to roll the nation’s economic wheel.

India, on the other hand, is seeing this opportunity as an advantage before investors of other countries. The geological position of these two closely located nations, governmental facilities in Sri Lanka, preferable trade environment, cultural and social similarities took a big leap in favor of India investors starting trade right in Sri Lanka.  This article briefly highlights a few of the aspects which clearly describe how Indian investors can get upper hand facilities when try to doing business in Sri Lanka.

1. FDA fluidized trade opportunities for Indian investors

Both India and Sri Lanka are doing trade with each other for quite a long time. The correspondence between these two countries is therefore strong enough no matter how the political or economic status in Sri Lanka is one of the major importers of India. Right after the new government took the oath, Sri Lanka is also seeing greater opportunities in doing business in India.

Such a trade-friendly mentality between these two countries influenced governmental relaxation as far as business is concerned. Sri Lanka as turn fluidized and relaxed FDA trade opportunities for Indian business owners. This, as a result, accelerated trades and export-import opportunities for Indian traders in Sri Lanka.

2. Convenient business visa and work permit processing

The country didn’t stop with the FDA trade flexibilities, but went a few more steps further with convenient visa and work processing facilities for Indian investors. Such convenience policies cleared away excess hassles that could prevent investors from coming in Sri Lanka to so some business. Indian expats are less prone to embassy and visa troubles and once the reason for issuing a visa is business, the embassy flexibilities are way more obvious in comparison.

3. Open sky agreements between two nations

With sea and land in favor of trade, Sri Lanka has signed open sky agreements for 20 countries. India is one of those 20 nations. This agreement assured a better future for tourism businesses and carrier transections. Once again Indian investors can take full advantage of these aviator flexibilities undertook by Sri Lanka.   

4. Favorable environment for big investments

Faculties are negligible without a proper environment. Sri Lanka is providing favorable business environment for Indian investors. The country is in a stable form, there is no more issue of civil conflicts that once restricted and minimized foreign investments. Social and commercial developments are in full bloom.

The stable government is focusing on internal infrastructure developments, social welfare, and stronger export-import trade correspondences. The nation seems to be eager to demonstrate their capabilities in stating their rank in global markets. Such enthusiastic constructive mentality is absolutely right for big investments. Hence Sri Lanka is without any doubt, an optimistic trade field for Indian investors. 

5. Similarities in environmental and cultural factors

There are major cultural and climatic similarities between India and Sri Lanka. As both nations’ lies in the equatorial region, the climatic contrast is quite minimum. Moreover, if you live in the southern region of Indian, for instance, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, you won’t find any difference in climatic patterns or even languages when you are at Sri Lanka for trade purposes.

The cultural and linguistic difference is also in great favor to the Indian citizen. So being an Indian expects homely and friendly surroundings while staying in Sri Lanka.

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